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Lewis Moulds

The biggest threat to Google so far – Is Firefox search bar a game changer?


Firefox Search BarOne of the talking points at Hit Search HQ in recent weeks has been the new look Firefox search bar, which doesn’t just allow users to run a search in their browser, but also allows them to choose what platform they want to search on.

If you’re running Firefox 34, you’ll probably have seen the new feature. It’s a one click search experience, which allows users to build a collection of the sites that they use to search online e-retailers like Amazon and Ebay to Search engines like Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and also to other social and informational websites such as Twitter, Wikipedia and Youtube.

So instead of automatically running your search through the affiliated search engine (usually Google) users can choose their preferred platform with one click.

It’s a simple, yet significant change. David Cobourne, SEO executive at Hit Search, went as far as to describe it as “the biggest threat to Google so far”. Whether that turns out to be true remains to be seen, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on.

David said: “With your personalised list of search engines, combined with integrated instant search suggestion, we believe you’ll see the number of searches using Google diminish significantly in the near future.

“How much impact this has depends up the take-up of this amongst Firefox users however the functionality is good and it will certainly help users get where they really want to quickly.”

At Hit Search we’re ranking Firefox’s latest search bar as one to watch in 2015; and in the run up to the New Year we’ll be mentioning other hot topics too, so stay tuned to the Hit Search blog for more information.

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