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Lee Glynn

Yodel Delivery Issues Drive Traffic Back To The High Street – 3 Top Tips To Bring Customers Back Online

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As the delivery firm Yodel leaves families without a few of their Christmas presents this year, online retailers are taking a closer look at their delivery providers as worried shoppers are turning back to the high street.

It’s Christmas eve and online retailers are facing a huge backlash as delivery service Yodel has still failed to clear a backlog of deliveries following the Black Friday sales and but is still maintaining that delivery is back to normal. Social media seems to disagree, with one woman tweeting “Glad to see you keep posting this, usual for parcels saying delivered having not been - kidsdisappointedcauseofyou.”

The delivery giant Yodel, who delivers for such companies as Amazon, Argos, Boots and Tesco Direct previously blamed retailers, stating that “poor forecasting” on their behalf has led to the logjam. This has no doubt damaged the reputation of the delivery service and had a knock-on effect with retailers themselves.

This issue has opened up a myriad of questions on both sides of the fence. Shoppers are now curious as to whether they can trust online delivery and have taken to the streets, literally, choosing to shop at the high street rather than online for fear of missing out on delivery over the holiday period.

Online retailers may now be wondering whether to trust certain delivery companies, or may now face a tough time trying to convince online shoppers to choose them over the high street.

So for those sites looking to increase their traffic online, we’ve compiled a few quick tips proven to raise conversions.

  1. Offer free delivery

Free delivery is a proven way to raise conversions and is one of the major factors a customer takes into account before making a sale. Although delivery times may be a bit skewed at the moment, free delivery still encourages customers to make a conversion. Even if their product is late, at least they haven’t had to pay for the privilege.

  1. Offer online discounts

Discount codes go a long way when it comes to encouraging customers to convert. Lower overheads than high street stores means online retailers can make a few cuts here and there, so show some festive love and bring customers back to your site.

  1. Reputation management

Reputation management is a vital part of your online success. Monitor all mentions of your brand very carefully and try to respond as soon as possible. Customers may be missing out on packages so offering help or at least an apology can go a long way in saving your reputation. Customers want to know that you’re there to deal with issues, so make sure you’re listening.

Here at Hit Search, we specialise in online marketing, conversion rate optimisation and reputation management. For more information on how you can bring customers back to your site, contact the experts today on 0845 643 9289.

Hit Search would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New year.


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