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Technical SEO Best Practices of 2015

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Technical SEO has evolved extremely fast over the past year, especially as Google constantly changes their algorithms just when site owners start to feel comfy. Sites with multiple URLS for pages and duplicate content have been penalised mercilessly by Google, crushing site owner’s dreams of conversions and rewarding those who followed the right advice.

Fortunately a few of the major Technical SEO practices are here to stay, ensuring those who have followed best practice are protected as far as possible from the Google algorithm monster. In fact, according to our experts, some of the well-known tried and trusted best practices are more important than ever.

Stuart Brandwood – one of our resident SEO geniuses weighs in and offers his predictions for 2015.

“Site owners need to make sure that internal crawling of their site and the way they manage their Webmaster Tools is monitored correctly, as this is a pivotal key to online success. “ says Stuart.

“It will always be true that the way you build your site and help the search engines to understand it will help the site to rank. There is no point having a site that’s superbly tailored to your target audience, if the site is structured in such a way that is effectively hiding the content from search engines.

You need to simplify things and give your most important landing pages precedence when structuring your site. If your most important content is buried then Google will conclude that it isn’t a priority.”

David Cobourne, SEO expert, also offers his predictions for the coming year.

“A few simple box checking exercises can go a long way when it comes to driving traffic to your site.

One of the big ones - make sure your site has canonical tags if you have a site structure that could throw up multiple URL’s for the same page of content!

Do your page title, header tags and onsite page content all target the keyword/s that you want your page to rank for? This is a fundamental basic, without this vital ingredient in your SEO strategy you may as well forget 2015 predictions or 2016 for that matter – you simply will not rank. “

To keep up to date with the latest SEO best practices make sure to follow us on Twitter, or for expert advice on anything digital, including ranking, dodging a Google update penalty and achieving the best results with your content strategy, contact one of our digital marketing experts at 0845 643 9289 today.



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