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Yahoo Gains on Google Thanks to Firefox Collaboration and Browser Trends

Yahoo FirefoxYahoo’s share of the American search market has been boosted by a deal with web browser Firefox. That’s according to a new report by US web tracker StatCounter.

At the end of last year it was reported that Mozilla had rolled out the latest Firefox update, number 34, and had made Yahoo the default search engine for American users. This was after the alternative Android browser Dolphin made the same switch.

Firefox has long been the benchmark browser for developers and now it is steadily increasing its market share. It seems that this could benefit Yahoo and we may be seeing the effect of this already.

Data shows that Yahoo’s share of US search is up two points since last year to more than 10%. That might not sound like much, but it represents a trend for a decreasing Google monopoly which we’ve already written about in recent weeks.

A major factor is the improvement of in-browser searching. We’re thinking in particular about the Firefox search bar, which allows you to not only search, but select where you search without leaving the page. You can select which of the major search engines to process the search with, but that’s not all; you can also choose to search on Amazon, eBay and other retail platforms.

In a manner of speaking you can cut out the middle man.

Other major browsers are expected to follow suit once their latest updates are rolled out. Improving the usability of each browser is the aim and a large part of this is search, so the next time we update Apple Safari we could see something similar. We’re almost certain that the Internet Explorer replacement which is set to roll out with Windows 10.

Could this have a knock on effect for the search market? We’ll be keeping our peepers peeled for sure.


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