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Lewis Moulds

Don’t waste traffic in 2015 — The benefits of User Experience and CRO

shopping-onlineWhen we rounded up the various SEO execs at Hit Search HQ, and asked them which search marketing tactics would be most important in 2015, one answer was unanimous: companies can’t ignore CRO.

Because the more things change the more they stay the same, and regardless of what game-changing SEO tactics and Google updates are set to drop this year, the bottom line for businesses will always be the bottom line.

The user experience of your website and the way your site converts is a massive factor in the performance of your business online. CRO has to be a fundamental part of any marketing mix. It’s the aspect of the process at the sharp end of the funnel which ultimately decides whether customer part with their cash and give it to you.

Terry Banks, a member of the Hit Search SEO team, compared two campaigns with different views on CRO. He said:

So many companies are obsessed over rankings and traffic when these aren’t actually the best measurements of success. Ask any business why they want good SEO rankings and they will reply to drive more traffic to the website, ask them why they want more traffic and they will reply to increase conversions. This is the bottom line. .

CRO should be fundamental to the success of any SEO campaign, what’s the point in driving users to a website that doesn’t convert? I once worked on two clients in the same industry, and while one received a third less traffic than the other, it actually made more money because their conversion rate was a lot higher.

The sooner we become less obsessed about rankings and more focused on user experience the better.

Of course, CRO could actually help your site to improve rankings and the amount of traffic too. That’s because Google sees a website that customers trust and want to purchase goods from. In turn, the search engine promotes the site to other shoppers more prominently.

There isn’t a single, one-stop solution for SEO, there never has been; but the fact remains that if people are visiting your site and buying your products and services, Google sees a site that works. These are the kinds of sites that it wants to connect people to.

Why not give us a call today on 0845 643 9289 to talk CRO and user experience? We can audit your site for conversion and compare the findings against your best performing competitors. Next, we’ll make a set of recommendations and report back on improvements in the way your site converts.

If you have a business in the financial sector and would like to up your marketing game or receive some expert information about digital marketing for financial services, then get in touch with a member of our team!

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