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Multi-Channel Marketing Case Study: Acorn Media



With us since June 2009, Acorn DVD is part of the RLJ Entertainment group and provides distinctive home entertainment on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital for customers in the United Kingdom, North American and Australian markets. Their products can be found at all the major retailers and online shops, plus they have their own Direct-to-Consumer business, for both online sales and via free mail-order catalogues, with a special focus on the best of British television.

Back in 2009 the business made a key decision to invest in the Digital Marketing space to target a very specific audience profile.


The Acorn audience is a very specific demographic and has a unique interest base. The challenge was to build multi-layered Digital Marketing strategies, designed to engage and inform the audience at two very different points in the conversion path:

  • Customers with an 'urgent need' to buy a product there and then
  • Customers with a potential interest in 'upcoming releases'


The strategy response was to use a solid foundation of SEO and then carefully mould some PPC activity around the close target audience.

From this point, the PPC developed into Adwords placement targeting, focusing on the specific audiences and then into Google Shopping feeds split out to target key performing products. Since this point we have added into the overall Digital Marketing strategy layers including YouTube ads and advanced re-targeting through AdRoll.


When comparing the first years site wide revenue to last years, Acorn experienced a 78% increase in revenue. This figure is only the direct and immediate sale impact. The true value of a lifetime customer is expected to be over 3 times this figure.

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