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Does Boohoo.com bring a tear to our eyes? An at a glance CRO review

Boohoo oMG

Boohoo is an absolute behemoth of an online retail site. Need proof? Take a look at the screen-grab below. That’s just about as generic a retail search phrase as you can possibly punch into Google and there is Boohoo, right at the top of the tree.

Boohoo google

Of course in retail, search performance is only half the battle. Once you have your target audience on your site, you have to convince them to part with their cash.

So how is Boohoo.com set up to do just that? Let’s take a look.


The front page of any retail site is going to be extremely important. It’s the gateway for most shoppers to the rest of the site and it sets the tone for their experience. If visitors don’t like what they see, they’ll bounce -- and take their money with them.

In addition to looking the part, there are a number of crucial things that the page needs to display, including actionable content, helpful navigation and strong calls to action.

Boohoo.com ticks these boxes pretty comprehensively. There’s a mega menu at the top of the page with lots of helpful links to various parts of the collection; and a scrolling banner full of glossy images which link to new ranges and seasonal promotions like the Valentine’s Day Collection.

boohoo homepage

Importantly, there’s also a strong call to action offering “free delivery on orders over £25”. This banner even follows you down the page as you scroll deeper into the content.

On the downside, we can’t see a telephone number anywhere. Ok, so Boohoo is trying to deliver the ultimate online shopping experience; but sometimes shoppers have a question or problem and simply want to talk to another human being before they hand over their hard-earned.

It’s clearly not a deal breaker, but it could boost conversions even further.

Category pages

It’s a similar story one step down the conversion funnel, as Boohoo’s category pages tick the majority of boxes. There are loads of helpful filter options down the left hand side of the screen and the listings can be sorted by a number of different criteria Most Relevant, Most Popular, Newest or Price.

boohoo cat page 1

The page also features a breadcrumb trail, so shoppers can quickly and easily retrace the steps of their browsing journey, once they’ve settled on what they looking for.

If we had an issue, it could be with the product images available here. They’re fairly low res and while this might aid the loading speed of these filterable pages, it doesn’t really do the products a lot of justice.

boohoo cat page 2

Let’s say we wanted to look at print dresses in particular; it’s tough to even see what the pattern is at first glance -- and that glance could be the only look that certain shoppers give to products. You could argue that Boohoo isn’t doing the utmost to really turn shopper’s heads.

Product pages

Now on the product page, we enjoy better images of the piece; and we get a choice of images too. We can choose our preferred colour and see pictures of that version; and if we roll over the main picture we can zoom in too.

boohoo prod page 1

So the products are displayed well enough, but what about the important information? Well, for the most part that’s here as well.

The “add to bag” is hard to miss and the price is front and centre as well. A size guide, return policy and delivery info box are also present and correct; while shoppers can review items or share them on a host of social media platforms, including the online shopping community Wanelo.

Other useful conversion tools on the product page include the “we think you’ll love” up-selling portal below, and with a recently viewed items window. Product video is available but only for selected items.

boohoo we think you'll heart

In terms of room for improvement, we’d like to see product video rolled out onto all of the products available, because pictures are nice but video can help shoppers to get a greater appreciation of the fit and the movement of the item in question.

We’d also like to see a Wish List function added to the page, because internet surfers aren’t always ready get their card details out.

Often, Boohoo.com visitors will effectively window shop, in order to find something that they will come back and purchase at a later date. Allowing them to add an item to their wish list improves the chances that they will come back and complete the transaction.

But another key conversion tool could create the urgency required to make those shoppers act first time around. Many retail sites show their shoppers the stock level of the item in question. Showing them how many items are left creates urgency particularly when stock levels are low.

Boohoo are missing a trick, because they’re not demonstrating to shoppers that time is of the essence.


Boohoo.com is a great retail site, but even the best online stores can be tweaked to improve conversions.

That being said, there is plenty that smaller online fashion stores can learn from Boohoo.com and that’s why it’s one of the biggest names in the online retail sphere.

Is your site ticking all the boxes when it comes to converting visitors to sales?


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