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Is Cruise118.com plain sailing for customers? A CRO review at a glance

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Cruise118.com is known as an award-winning cruise specialist who prides themselves on offering outstanding customer service in line with their personalised cruise concierge service and their motto: ‘exceptional is our standard’.

But could they be doing more to boost sales through their site and make the user experience exceptional? We hopped on board to take a look around.


The front page of any travel site is always going to be vital to get right. It has to draw consumers in and ensure they don’t bounce. It has to look good and have key things such as actionable content, easy-to-use navigation and compelling calls to action.

Cruise118.com actually ticks a lot of these boxes. The telephone number is clearly displayed with an ‘Experience our Award Winning Service’ call to action – a must as many cruises and packages can’t be booked online. A clear and simple-to-use search box is also prominent, making for minimal scrolling.

Cruise118.com homepage Hit Search CRO blog

The top menu provides helpful links and a variety of different ways to search for your cruise and deals and sales are boldly displayed as a further call to action – although there is a sense of ‘too much going on’ which can be distracting.

The only thing missing is a clear display of which payment methods are accepted – a key piece of info that would enable consumers to have their card ready and making conversion more likely.

Gallery page

Cruise118.com are also getting things right on their gallery page, There’s a comprehensive filter option at the top of the page which also allows you to make changes to your original search, and you can also sort results by date, cruise line, ship and price. There’s even an option to flick between list view and grid view so customers can choose between a quick overview and more complete details

A breadcrumb trail, meanwhile, prevents customers from getting lost in the site and you can even add a cruise to your basket from this page.

Cruise118.com gallery page Hit Search CRO blog

Important information about the cruises is displayed clearly, including whether they can be booked online or only by phone, and even if cruises are adult-only – so the customer doesn’t waste their time clicking through to unsuitable deals.

Our only criticism would be that the images used are very small and generic. While information is king in this business, the right choice of imagery could really help to sell a cruise to a client.

Product page

On the product page, all of the info is well laid out, and the prices and ‘select cabin’ buttons are easy to find. Similarly, the call to action to call for a fly cruise package is clear, although there is apparently no web chat alternative. A tab for alternative options is also easy to see, giving customers a one-click route to other options if this one isn’t right for them, keeping them on the site.

Once again, images could be bigger. Although the generic pictures at the top of the page are larger, the cabin pictures are very small and difficult to see.

There also isn’t a direct link to Cruise118.com’s cancellation policy. Instead you have to scroll down to the FAQs and find it in there. This can be a problem for consumers because they want to know if they’re able to cancel at a later date before putting their money down, so making them search to find it could be off-putting.

Cruise118.com product page Hit Search CRO blog

The reviews feature is great, however, as it gives customers a chance to see what other people thought of the cruises. This is a really helpful way for consumers to decide which cruise is right for them and gives them a more realistic idea of the features of a particular cruise.


Cruise118.com has a strong site, particularly considering a large part of their business is conducted by phone rather than online, however they are missing a few tricks that could increase conversion.

This includes de-cluttering, better images, more easily accessible information and providing an online alternative for customers who don’t have the time to call and speak to a cruise concierge.

Is your site doing everything it can to maximise conversion?

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