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What marketing channels should be included in a retail attribution model? – Infographic

Attribution modelling for the fashion industry Infographic V3

Attributing sales to specific elements in your marketing campaign is something all online fashion retailers should be doing constantly. If you don’t, you risk pouring spend into an ineffective channel and increase the chance of missing out on appealing to the right people. Following the “thread” to conversions helps you find out which parts of your campaign are generating the most sales, and which of those should be relegated to the bargain bin. Do you know which elements are the most important part of your campaign?

There are a variety of channels that online fashion retailers should be looking at, but not every channel is right for their business. TV adverts, Billboard ads and magazine articles may work for some, but infographics and email marketing may work for others. With some retailers, they may have a huge following via their blogs and strong, optimised onsite content, whereas customers may be finding your brand through your PPC campaign. But if you don’t know which ones are working and more importantly, which ones aren’t, how do you know if you are spending your money in the right places?

Our infographic highlights the most important elements of any campaign, shedding light on the customer decision process – a vital checklist for those in the fashion industry. By identifying which touch points work for your brand, you increase your chances of making a conversion, so it makes sense to be aware of all these channels and how they are performing for you. Those channels bringing in sales need to be capitalised on, and your marketing spend needs to bring you a positive ROI.

Your customers are finding you somehow, let us help you find out exactly how.

Here at Hit Search we specialise in attribution modelling for those in the fashion sector. To highlight the importance and best uses of attribution modelling, we’ve created a free booklet – essential reading for those in fashion retail. You can download it here.

For more information, contact an expert about attribution modelling on 0845 643 9289.


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