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Lee Glynn

Google Mobile Algorithm Case Study – These Two Fashion Brands Need Help, And Fast

Matches iphone

The 21st of April will potentially spell disaster for a wide range of prominent brands in fashion and retail. Google’s mobile algorithm update is here and it’s taking no prisoners whatsoever.

Are you prepared?

The simple fact is: if your site is not mobile friendly, you face exile from Google’s top pages. Google recently announced (after many, many hints) that mobile friendliness will be a direct ranking factor, and if you’re not prepared, you could be set to lose A LOT of traffic. If you’re one of those companies who value user experience and had the sense to implement a complete mobile marketing strategy – you should probably pat yourself on the back as you’re safe from Google’s tractor beam of doom…for now.

As Google gives little to no warning of algorithm updates, the fact the search engine giant has provided a date just over a month away for sites to get their affairs in order is a pretty huge heads up. Unfortunately that’s all the assistance you’re probably going to get.

With this in mind, we’ve picked out two well known fashion websites, and using Google Webmaster tools, have identified where they’re going wrong.

1. Matchesfashion.com

This giant in the online shopping world is potentially facing a serious fall in rankings due to the fact it’s not optimised for mobile. We’re not saying it’s a David and Goliath story here, but we’re not NOT saying that either. This update could be really bad – here’s why.

Using Google Webmaster tools, we’ve identified 4 distinct problems at Matches Fashion that Google will definitely have a problem with when April 21st rolls around. The text is too small, the links are too close together, the mobile viewport has not been set and the content is wider than the screen – all big no-no’s when it comes to a positive user experience.



By making text larger and spacing the links a little further apart, Matches Fashion could create a better and easier to use mobile site for their customers and prove to Google that they deserve to stay in the rankings.

Site Speed

Site speed also plays a major part in whether Google likes your site or not. Unfortunately Matches Fashion falls under the “Should Fix” category when it comes to load time. As Google is determined to only list sites that comply with mobile/speed criteria, a 50/100 score does not bode well at all and should be addressed immediately.



2. My Theresa – mytheresa.com

Another heavy hitter in the fashion industry is facing a knockout punch from Google’s mobile algorithm unless they make some serious changes – and soon.

Fortunately, My Theresa seem to be doing a little better when it comes to appeasing the search engine, but they still have text that’s too small to read, links that are too close together and they haven’t set their mobile viewport correctly. These three elements could potentially break this brand in less than a month.


Site Speed

Unfortunately My Theresa is not performing so well when it comes to site speed either.

A score of 49/100 is not good at all and something that Google will certainly not look kindly upon. Users are more likely to give up on a purchase or get frustrated and leave your site if the load time is poor. This is another aspect that should be addressed before the deadline.



Fortunately, these sites and the myriad of others who haven’t prepared for a mobile algorithm upgrade have the opportunity to do something about it and secure their spot in Google’s listings. It might be hard work at first, but if they get it right they could save themselves from Google exile.

If you would like to find out if your site is ready for the Google mobile algorithm update, contact Hit Search today on 0845 643 9289.



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