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Lee Glynn

50% of your mobile traffic is now coming from a mobile device. Now what?

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If you’re finding that 50% of traffic to your website is coming from mobile devices, you’ll want to know why and how you can appeal to these users in the best way possible.

Many of the leading online Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify are now reporting that over 50% of all traffic to ecommerce sites are coming from Mobile devices. This has been coming for a number of years and all the leading ecommerce websites have been optimising for mobile visitors well before the latest Google algorithm update.

So how do you maximise mobile visitors and make sure you are not losing out valuable conversions and orders?

Mobile optimisation

Build a solid foundation for your website by ensuring that it’s optimised for mobile too. If 50% of your users are coming through via mobile, it means they’ll want a smooth user experience. You could find that once you’ve made the change to a mobile optimised website your traffic could jump to 70% mobile – it’s possible. But either way just make sure it’s ready for Google and ready for users to navigate on their mobile.

Prominent calls to action

Retailers need to ensure that any “Buy It Now” messages are prominently placed and easy for a user to find and click on. The easier the purchase is the more likely you’ll make a conversion. Which brings me to my next point; analyse your ecommerce facility thoroughly.

Conversion rates for Mobile/Desktop

If you find that your traffic is coming through mobile more so than on desktop, you’ll still want to know why that is. It’s a good idea to go through analytics and see how your conversion rates are performing on mobile and desktop and more importantly where they aren’t performing. If traffic is coming through on mobile but bouncing straight away, yet they’re sticking around on desktop and converting – you’ll need to make a change quickly. If there is a difference find the drop off points for mobile from the basket to the completion point and make the necessary changes to ensure you’re encouraging a conversion.

Make sure you keep visitors logged in

Let’s say for example that you’re selling musical accessories to bands such as strings, drumsticks, guitar plectrums etc. These people will need a large amount of items on a regular basis, especially touring bands. When something breaks, they’ll need a replacement quickly. One of the best ways to ensure return business is to keep visitors logged in at all times. Having to go through the login process every time you need something is time exhaustive, and quite frankly it can be quite annoying, it’s also known to turn customers away. By keeping customers logged in, they can pick out what they need and quickly travel to the checkout page. All that’s left to do is send them the items they’ve ordered and wait for their repeat business.

Would your business benefit from an App?

An app is a particularly useful thing when it comes to retail brands. This ensures login details are easily accessed and a way of directing your user to the right page every time. Bigger brands like Amazon and ASOS make great use of apps to encourage conversion and it also encourages awareness as there’s a big shiny logo on the home page of their phone. Maybe your brand could benefit too?

Would your site benefit from slimming down the content for mobile devices?

Slimming down the content for mobile users is a great way to get your message across quickly and it also makes the site easier to read. Content that clogs up a mobile device is a sure fire way to turn users away from your site, and can lead to a frustrating user experience – which we all now Google really doesn’t like. Consider slimming down the content to the bare bones, optimise images for mobile use and keep the call to actions prominent and you’ll find your conversion rate optimisation start to improve.

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