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Lee Glynn

At a glance review of Demon-Tweeks.co.uk – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Online retailers need to make sure that their customer journey, from landing to checkout, is as seamless as possible. If your customers can navigate your website easily, find what they want and enjoy the experience too, you’re more likely to not only make a conversion but turn one time visitors into repeat customers. Oh and as an added bonus, you’ll feature more prominently in Google’s rankings too.

As part of our ongoing mission to find websites that really do their best to make the customer journey easy, we make an “at a glance” review of some of the heavy hitters in the retail industry. This week, we’re looking at motorsport retail specialists Demon Tweeks and highlighting the good points, the bad points and the downright ugly points that play a huge part in customer conversion rates.

The Good

main site

As soon as I arrived on the Demon Tweeks website, the stylish photography caught my eye, and even as someone who knows absolutely nothing about motorcycling I instantly saw this online store as an authority. The pictures were engaging and the category pages were easy to see.

The site promoted free next day delivery and a prominent sign-up option for the newsletter – we were off to a good start.

As a bonus the site even offered prices in a variety of different currencies which would appeal to international customers.

On closer inspection when I clicked through to a few very colourful bike helmets I noticed that the price was easy to see, size and colour options were also easy to select and on some occasions product reviews had been written.

The Bad

As much as I enjoyed navigating the site, which was quite easy on my desktop (whilst using chrome) I did however come across a few problems. When I added a few item to my basket, some issues became apparent.

When I decided to try and go through checkout, I added an item to my basket and then spent a little while trying to find out exactly where the “My Basket” function was. It was only a few seconds before I found it but enough to become problematic. The basket feature was tucked away and very hard to see, an aspect that could potentially damage conversions

After I added an item to my basket I decided I wanted to go back and take a look at some of the recently viewed items. Unfortunately this function failed to capture any data and I was unable to view any of the previous items, forced to stare at a blank error screen.

I also noticed that the telephone number had magically appeared on the category pages yet was not visible on the home page. The telephone number is a feature that really helps conversions and should be placed on every page if possible.

After navigating the website in more detail, I decided to take a look at the blog. Incidentally nothing had been written since November 2014.

It’s vital to remember that a blog is more than just a way to supply your site with keyword rich content, it is a way to show your customers that someone is still there, giving the website a more “lived in” feel that reassures them that if there is an issue, someone will be around to deal with it.



The Ugly

Two major things on site had my CRO alarm bells ringing, both of which are extremely important factors in making a sale.

The first point that had me worried was the site’s HTTPS. Namely, the big red slash through it. Of course the Demon Tweeks site is completely trustworthy in my eyes, but unfortunately to the untrained eye, this would put people off buying from them. Security plays a huge part in making a sale and this did nothing to assuage my fears of people spying on me.



The final test from me was to see if the site itself was mobile friendly. With Google’s mobile algorithm update stating that unfriendly sites would potentially suffer in the rankings, I assumed that the website would be up to scratch. Unfortunately it wasn’t, and it failed the test spectacularly. It’s important to remember why Google has put so much emphasis on this mobile feature – it’s all to do with customer journey – the easier it is for customers to use your site the more Google likes your website and rewards you by ranking you higher.

When I put the website through Google Webmaster Tools it told me that the text was too small to read on a mobile, the links too close together, a mobile viewport not set and that the content wider than the screen.

demon tweeks not-mobile-friendly


Furthermore, the site speed was extremely slow, and in this day and age of instant information, that would potentially put customers off, never to return again.

demon tweeks site-speed



Overall, Demon Tweeks is not a terrible site at all. It looks great and I was extremely impressed with the amount of effort placed in establishing themselves as an industry leader for motorsport supplies. However, as someone who just wanted a smooth transaction process I was constantly hitting stumbling blocks, and as we all know, stumbling blocks definitely don’t help with the conversion process.

As a whole, a few minor adjustments would be all it would take to create a smooth conversion process for customers of Demon Tweeks, whilst a constantly updated and lived in blog would help build trust.

At Hit Search, our retail clients look to us to improve their sites for conversion rate optimisation and ensure customers are enjoying a smooth process which then leads to repeat business. Speak to one of our fashion CRO experts today by calling 0800 011 9226.

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