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Lee Glynn

Why Outreach Is Different For The Legal Sector?


Blogger outreach is seen by some as a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy, but anyone who is actually inmarketing knows better. Creating a successful blogger outreach strategy takes time and serious planning, but it also takes someone to say “No, that’s not going to work” more than you’d expect.

Trying to place a blog or offering guest posts out to bloggers can sometimes feel like trying to put a square peg in a round hole, but it’s vital that you realise that sometimes it’s just not going to fit, so you can change your strategy to create more engagement.

So what makes blogger outreach different for legal clients?

Well, it’s all about value.

The important thing to remember is that bloggers don’t garner all their followers by publishing anythingoffered to them, they get their followers due to the fact they publish reviews, stories or recommendations that their readers trust. They’re providing their readers with a valuable source of information. As always, it’s all about the content.

The Difference

The best way to explain the difference would be to put it into context. Let’s say you’re a personal injury firm and you have a piece of content on the rise of head/brain injuries in sailing – very niche but bear with me here.

You can’t just reach out to bloggers or websites who publish information on sailing and expect them to take a piece on how many claims you’ve had. You need to identify whether you’ll actually be adding value to their blog. When it comes to product reviews, most bloggers will be happy to take a product off your hands in exchange for a review, but when it comes to publishing a story on brain injury, not so much.

So how do you get around it and get something placed? Well, for starters you need to identify what your bloggers readers are interested in. Is it racing? Or safety? Are they interested in the latest world record holders or news currently causing waves (you have to love a good pun)? In any case, you need to create a pitch that identifies you have a story worth publishing and that you understand what their readers want – bloggers are going to get thousands of emails a day so don’t waste their time.

Once you’re through the door the next step is to create a piece of content that people will want to read, an informative article that will get people talking. If your piece of content is based around the amount of injuries in the sailing or yachting world, gear your content towards an awareness piece highlighting how best to avoid injury, or create an interesting thought leadership piece on WHY you’re seeing so many injury claims.

One of the most important things to remember is that guest blog posts from legal clients can’t be too self-promotional as this will turn your blogger and their audience away – you need to be adding a piece of valuable information to their site, or a newsworthy piece that is “sponsored” by yourself or with an added “comment” from you as a legal professional. You can promote your services, but more so in an indirect manner.

Another major thing you should be saying to yourself is “Is this content right for that blog?”. If you just want to publish news on new starters within your company, chances are it’s not going to fit everywhere. You need to build a relationship with the right legal websites and get that content on there as it’s the right content for that particular website.

Perhaps the major difference between legal outreach and say that of retail is the thought process behind your strategy. Just think to yourself; “Is this content right for that site” rather than “Is this site right for my content?” and you’ll find yourself trying to push less square pegs into round holes.

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