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Lee Glynn

Secrets to Success – How To Create A Successful PPC Campaign For Legal Brands

Legal PPC campaign

The legal industry is a highly competitive sector, especially when it comes to advertising online. When looking at the heavy hitters within the industry, it’s easy to get intimidated when trying to come up with a strategy that competes with the big boys. However, with some smart insight and careful planning, you’re more likely to get a greater ROI and encourage interaction from the right potential customers, and when it comes to saving money, getting in front of the right people is the best way to ensure your CPC is low.

Our in-house PPC experts Leith Gibson and Jack Kilborn have offered some quick hints and tips that really help our legal customers achieve their goals. So without further ado here are their secrets to creating a successful PPC campaign for the legal sector.

Campaign structure – This is key to setting up an efficient PPC account, you need to consider relevancy and budget optimisation when setting up your campaign, consider how defined you want your product areas to be.

Keywords – Depending on your budgets, keywords should start off defined and relevant, looking for low CPC rates, in order to generate as much traffic for your money, once you begin to educate yourself around the market and channel used for PPC then you should begin to expand on key terms which are bringing in leads.

Ad Copy – Ad Copy should be relevant to your ad groups but also compliant with legal industry regulations. Within the legal market there is a more sensitive market with which to portray your ads, it’s important to steer away from the hard sell where your audience may feel more vulnerable.

Location Settings – Consider whether to define the location you present your ads, this is where you can decrease wastage to only serve audiences within the regions you can realistically fulfil.

– Leith Gibson

Ad Group – try to split up your ad groups into specific areas of your business/website. For example, if you have separate campaigns set up for divorce, injuries, etc. then break the ad groups down even further. Within divorce, you can have ad groups for advice/procedures/solicitors. This helps you create the most relevant ads within each ad group which will help with the quality scores & overall performance of the campaigns.

Where To Advertise – assess whether to advertise just through Google (you have the option of search or display ads), or if other areas such as social media ads can benefit your business. For example, through Facebook ads, a legal firm can target an audience who have ‘liked’ relevant legal pages (whether it be injury advice, solicitors), or people who are specifically talking about & mentioning your practices.

– Jack Kilborn

So there you have it, 6 tips to a successful PPC campaign for the legal sector. Through smart planning and an effective, agile marketing approach you stand a better chance of really generating leads. To speak to an expert about your legal PPC campaign contact a member of our team at Hit Search today on 0800 011 9270.

If you have a business in the financial sector and would like to up your marketing game or receive some expert information about digital marketing for financial services, then get in touch with a member of our team!

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