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Sarah Wharton

Are Elite Fashion Brands Behind on the E-commerce Landscape?

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The luxury fashion market has a strong presenceon the retail landscape thanks to the desirability of its products which are often aspirational status symbols to those who buy them. However, in terms of ecommerce, elite brands aren’t always the most fashion forward.

Take Rupert Sanderson, for example. The luxury shoe brand is worn by famous, glamorous women the world over and has a strong ‘less is more’ identity when it comes to design. However, the brand’s website is miles behind many of its less high-end competitors when it comes to conversion rate optimisation – missing many key features that make for a great customer experience and a strong conversion rate.

On entering the site, the customer is taken to an endless scroll homepage filled with stunning images. However, the basics you’d expect – such as a phone number and payment methods – are missing. A pop-up offers the opportunity to sign up to the newsletter, although there is no clear main link for this on the page itself. In fact, to access most of this information, you need to click on the ‘E-store’ link at the top of the page.

Once here, a telephone number and mailing list link can be found at the bottom of the page along with the mailing list link, however, there is still no payment methods information. If a customer has to search and search for this kind of fundamental info, they may well leave the site with no purchase made.



The gallery page (accessed by the ‘E-store’ link) also doesn't offer the level of convenience one would expect. There’s no ability to sort results by price or newness, and no breadcrumb trail to guide the customer. There are, however, filters to allow the customer to organise shows by style, colour, size or occasion and the images are clear with alternative angles offered when you hover over. Useful information such as heel height and price is also offered here.

Once a customer clicks through to the product page there are the basics one would look for: basket and wishlist buttons, price, size guide, image zooms and social share buttons are all present. However, there are some fundamental elements missing or hard to find. For instance, stock levels are only shown when a size is chosen and there is no way to select the shoes in an alternative colour without going back to the gallery page. Delivery options and returns details are only shown if you scroll down to the help section and, again, click away from the product page and there is no place to see recently viewed items or anywhere to leave a review.



Besides product descriptions, there is very little content on the site. There is no FAQ section and no reviews section. There is also no blog, with the home page images simply clicking through to gallery and product pages.

Altogether, the Rupert Sanderson site is not bad but it feels as if an opportunity has been missed to provide an eCommerce experience that matches the luxe product experience. A much more comprehensive, joined up experience could be offered to encourage conversions and increase the likelihood of a returning customer. While the brand’s less-is-more aesthetic translates beautifully into shoes, their site demonstrates that it is not necessarily the best option when it comes to eCommerce features.

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