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adCenter adds its "secret sauce" to PPC

adCenter adds its "secret sauce" to PPC

Jen K., adCenter Marketing Manager and Carolyn, adCenter Community Team outlined the changes to their PPC program today. The all important quality factor that Google and Yahoo have embraced has not been taken up by MSN's adCenter.

On the official adCenter blog Jen comments - "As an advertiser, you can control whether your ads appear in the mainline by increasing either the Click Through Rate or the Max Bid.

You can think of this as a quality threshold that you must cross in order to appear in the mainline. With this change, we expect most of your ads will continue to perform as they have in the past. However, there may be some cases where:

* You could see your ads move in or out of the mainline depending on your CTR and set Max Bid
* You may need to bid more to maintain mainline positions
* You may see ads move up into the mainline without bidding more
* For ads remaining in the mainline, your actual CPC may increase

If you want to improve your quality, make sure to check your adCenter account regularly to adjust ad copy, bid price and other key attributes. Also, take a look at these adCenter Ad Ranking Best Practices, and watch the blog during October for tips on quality optimisation.

All of our quality-based ranking improvements have been made in the context of the overall search experience - we will take both the paid and organic listings into account when assessing the overall experience for the searcher, while at the same time endeavouring to balance the needs of the advertiser.

Over time, we will continue to improve the paid search listings on Live Search, specifically focusing on:

* Quality of ads - that the ad copy aligns with offer, landing page and search term
* Quality of advertisers - offering unique and valuable goods, services or information
* Quality set of overall listings - result set is unique, relevant, high quality and value for the searcher"

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