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Yandex's "Facebook" registers its one millionth user

Yandex's "Facebook" registers its one millionth user

Yandex's social networking service, MoiKrug, announced today that it has registered its one millionth user. The boom in MoiKrug users coincides with the boom in Russian internet useage in General.

Since being acquired by Yandex in March 2007, the number of users on MoiKrug has more than quadrupled.

The millionth user, Irina Sevostyanova, investment manager at TNK-BP Ukraine confirmed her registration on September 23, 2007, coinciding with Yandex's 10th anniversary.

According to the latest data, approximately a half of MoiKrug users are male with an average age of 30 and another half are female with an average age of 28 years. More than 300,000 users indicated that they have an academic degree.

Former Moscow State University (MSU) students represent the largest group of university alumni using the service, followed by the Baumen Moscow State Technical University (MSTU), Saint Petersburg State University (SpbSU), Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) and Novosibirsk State University (NSU).

MoiKrug is the largest Russian-language social network for professionals. Users of the service meet colleagues, find jobs and fill vacancies for their companies. MoiKrug was purchased by Yandex in March 2007.

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