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blinkx offers new video search service

blinkx offers new video search service

blinkx today announced a distribution agreement with Ixquick. The agreement allows means that a blinkx search box will appear on the Ixquick Web site, powering Ixquick's video search functionality and retrieving results from blinkx's index of videos on the Web.

"We are pleased to be powering video search for Ixquick," said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO, blinkx.

"Through blinkx's patented speech and pattern recognition technologies, we provide Ixquick users with the best capabilities available to find, experience and share all forms of online video."

"The Ixquick model is based on giving users the most comprehensive and relevant search results, in combination with our industry leading Privacy Policy," said Robert E.G. Beens, CEO of www.ixquick.com.

"By teaming up with blinkx, we can now offer our users the best video search capabilities available on the Web today, in full privacy."

As a pioneer in video search technology, blinkx has built a reputation as the smartest way to search new forms of online content such as video and now has more than 200 partners and 14,000,000 hours of indexed video and audio content, including favorite TV moments, news clips, short documentaries, music videos, video blogs .

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