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Dylan's perfect viral marketing campaign

Dylan's perfect viral marketing campaign

Nearly 600,000 Bob Dylan fans around the world have watched customised messages created on an innovative state-of-the-art e-card.

Columbia Records have invited online music lovers to generate personalised versions of the legendary "Subterranean Homesick Blues" cue-card sequence from "Don't Look Back".

The Bob Dylan Internet viral messaging campaign is drawing across-the-board attention and kudos in traditional mainstream and new media outlets.

An example of one of the ecards below -

The e-card was the subject of a recent Reuters article which noted that "... online interest in Dylan has spiked, as measured by a three-fold increase in Internet searches for his name over the past week, according to Bill Tancer of the online market research firm Hitwise."

The Reuters article also quoted Emily Riley, an analyst for Jupiter Research, who added " ... that viewers' ability to compose text in the video makes it unique as a piece of viral marketing -- so called for its self-perpetuating design."

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