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MyClick and Ogilvy partner for Mobile push

MyClick and Ogilvy partner for Mobile push

MyClick and Ogilvy have today started mobile advertising partnership; which enables a mobile user to take a photo of an image and instantly find out more about the product, service or promotion being advertised.

Neo@ Ogilvy is said t be using this technology across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines. MyClick is set to devote its advertising platform to benefiting both advertisers and agencies by increasing their ability to track, respond, and customize advertising campaigns in real-time.

"This enterprise represents a leap forward in an ad agency's ability to manage a client's advertising budget," noted
Neo@Ogilvy's Executive Deputy GM Richard Wang, "MyClick affords us thepower to reach customers on a new scale and with new influence."

The technology utilized by MyClick has the potential to revolutionize the advertising industry. With the ever-increasing pace of market individualization, advertisers have found themselves more and more at the mercy of consumers who want what they want, when (and only when) they want it. MyClick places much of that power back in the hands of advertising executives and CMOs.

MyClick hopes for rapid expansion into markets through partnerships and licensing of the technology from Australia to mainland China.

Licensing programs are available for oth agencies and advertisers to fully utilize the MyClick technology and platform. According to MyClick Executive VP Charles Yin, "This platform has the potential to even the playing field. Advertisers and agencies will have a great deal more control in the application and effectiveness of their advertising."

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