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Google's Mario Queiroz keynotes @ SMX London

Google's Mario Queiroz keynotes @ SMX London

This years keynote speaker for London SMX has been announced as Mario Queiroz, Google's Vice President, Products, Europe, Middle East & Africa. Mario is set to speak on topics such as YouTube, mobile search, AdWords, AdSense, Google Maps.

SMX London

SMX London also features speakers from the UK and around the world on such topics as -

- Competitive Paid Search Tactics
- Diagnosing Search Problems
- Linkbaiting & Viral Search Marketing Tactics
- Dealing With The Penalty Box
- Paid Search & Tricky Issues
- Fundamentals of Search Advertising

Search Marketing Expo is programmed by renowned search marketing expert Chris Sherman, who has analysed and influenced developments in search marketing for more than a decade. He continues that work daily as Executive Editor of SearchEngineLand, the leading news and analysis blog for search marketing professionals, and as a creative force behind SMX.

Chris will be joined by SearchEngineLand Editor-In-Chief Danny Sullivan for the inaugural London event! Danny has been covering search for over a decade and programming search marketing events for nearly as long.

If you would like to register this excellent event go to http://searchmarketingexpo.com/london/

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