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Microsoft offers up web analytics invites

Microsoft offers up web analytics invites

Ian Thomas and Justin Carder of Microsoft today posted on the MSN blog that their top secret Project Gatineau is ready for beta testing and that they are open to invitations for testing. The beta testing is by invitation only and is only for people based in the US at this time.

The much touted Gatineau and has been rolled out in competition to Google's free analytics package - Google Analytics (formally Urchin). Ian and Justin point out that "Project Gatineau's web analytics are useful to sites of all sizes - from smaller sites that can't afford an expensive web analytics solution to larger sites looking for a boost in their web analytics capabilities.

With the Gatineau beta, you can learn more about where your visitors come from and easily measure your marketing campaigns across any medium and from any traffic source."

Gatineau Web Analytics Features are said to include

** Click and visitor tracking reports
** Marketing campaign reporting and conversion tracking
** Unique demographic and geographic information from your site visitors
** Of course, Project Gatineau is a beta service so we are still adding features and working hard to improve.

If you are interested in signing up to the beta make you way over to http://advertising.microsoft.com/microsoft-adcenter-gatineau

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