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Primark praises unofficial Facebook pages

Primark praises unofficial Facebook pages

Brand republic have today report that Primark have ruled out making an official Facebook site because its existing unofficial site is doing so well!

The budget fashion retailer says it has no plans to partner with the social networking site, despite the fact that more than 94,000 users have joined The Primark Appreciation Society.

The unofficial initiative, created by Oxford Brookes student Sophie Bellchambers, features 335 photos uploaded by users and more than 340 discussion threads. The forums cover topics including the products, staff and the store's recent introduction of paper carrier bags.

A spokesman for Primark's parent company, Associated British Foods, said: 'An independent Facebook group launched by our customers is of far more value than anything we could do.'

Primark's decision comes just days after Facebook revealed that marketers created more than 100,000 branded pages globally in the 24 hours following the launch of its advertising system.

This is an interesting topic... allowing someone else to use your brand would have been commercial suicide at one stage but large companies are Social Network sites as an effective (and free) for of Market Research.

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