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Top SEO keyword searches for December 17th

Top SEO keyword searches for December 17th

AOL today announced its list of top twenty search terms for December 17th 2007) AOL produce a daily chart of the most popular people, places and things AOL users search for every day)

The Top twenty Search Terms for December 17, 2007 are:

Hot SEO Searches from December 17, 2007:
(1) Montel Williams - Dr Erica tells you to live well
(2) Michael Vick - Fellow football players show protest to sentencing
(3) 'The Simpsons' - Out on DVD
(4) Dallas Cowboys - Williams gets suspended
(5) Michael Jackson - Snapped in a bookstore
(6) Pamela Anderson - Gets divorced
(7) New York Yankees - Linked to performance enhancing drugs
(8) Low airfares - Get a last minute holiday flight
(9) Wedding dresses - Find one online
(10) Las Vegas - A hot spot for travel
(11) Department of Motor Vehicles - Do your transactions online
(12) Dan Fogelberg - Dies at 56
(13) 'Days of Our Lives' - US soap
(14) Jobs - Start the new year off with a new career
(15) Airline tickets - Get a cheap one
(16) Perez Hilton - A hot 2007 blogger
(17) Orlando Bloom - Gets beat out by Jude for best hair
(18) 'Young and the Restless' - Jack and Sharon put their trip on hold
(19) David Beckham - Under Capello
(20) Powerball - Can you win?

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