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HitSearch Completes Google Adwords Professional Exam

HitSearch Completes Google Adwords Professional Exam

After recently enrolling on the Google Adwords Professional (GAP) exam program, HitSearch has passed the exam with flying colours and is now officially recognised as a qualified Google Adwords Professional company.

Google Qualified

The GAP scheme was introduced in late 2004 to give recognition to the top professionals managing Google Adwords campaigns.

To become a Qualified Google Advertising Professional, an agency must demonstrate a full understanding of the Adwords PPC system through effective pay per click management over a 90 day period, consistently meeting Google standards and delivering results of the highest level.

In addition, you must pass the GAP exam, which has a minimum pass rate of 75%.

HitSearch successfully completed the course requirements in the minimum time required and clients can be assured that PPC campaigns are managed to the highest standard.

Ongoing training and regular exams will ensure that HitSearch maintains such standards and can employ all best practice techniques to ensure the greatest return for its clients.

To find out how you can benefit from the PPC expertise, visit www.hitsearchlimited.com today.

For ALL enquiries, please contact:
Andy Donaldson
Tel: 0845 643 9289
e-mail: adonaldson@hitsearchlimited.com

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