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Social Networking: Ways to use LinkedIn

Social Networking: Ways to use LinkedIn

Jane Corrigan today posted on the official LinkedIn blog ten way to use effectively. Jane points out, with some high profile examples, why LinkedIn should be an effective part of your e-campaign strategy.

The social network LinkedIn is an excellent way to for you people to network online. Jane also points to how political figureheads have been embracing this medium as it gives access to voters, fundraisers, and volunteers.

It also means that a business can communicate a message to other business professionals, targeting voters in specific geographic areas. Its an excellent system and one all business users must embrace.

I have picked out four points from the article and they are listed below -

1. Create a positive online brand.

Use the "Profile" sections to distinguish your candidate from the pack, to extend the communication lines of a government official, or to tout the successes of a campaign consultant.

Check out these examples: John Ensign (Junior Senator from Nevada), Barack Obama (US Senator, Presidential Candidate), David All (Media strategist). Claim the "name plate" web link like these profiles do, and move your profile to the top of a Google hit list.

2. Communicate effectively with key voters

Use LinkedIn’s "InMail" or "Invitation" functions to reach influential voters, including high-level executives and professional audiences. The average LinkedIn member has a household income of $109,000; 75% are 29 or older.

7. Mobilize support.

Create a "Groups" page for your candidate or official to promote top issues and concerns directly to supporters.

8. Generate virtual word of mouth.

Create a digital bumper sticker on your candidate’s "Groups" page that supporters can add to their profiles.

If you would like to know how your brand could benefit from interacting with your customers via Social Media; then contact HitSearch. Remember, its a big world outthere, make sure you become visible.

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