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MSN adCenter upgrade adds more features

MSN adCenter upgrade adds more features

Carolyn, from the adCenter Community Team announced on the official corporate blog that there has been a series of upgrades to the adCenter system.

Microsoft AdCenter

Carolyn comments "Over the weekend we upgraded adCenter to add new features to help you manage your campaigns more easily. We've broken up the new features into 3 categories

1) Editorial
The new system will provide immediate editorial feedback on ads and keywords.

2) Campaign management - changes include:
Daily budget option
Default dynamic text
Campaign import - now compatible with AdWords Editor output

3) Reporting - changes include:
Access recent reports and report templates right on the Reporting tab
Drag and drop to re-order custom report columns
Totals and averages now shown

To read a rundown of all the new features, please check out the Feature Release Guide, and stay tuned here as we spotlight other new features throughout the week."

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