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Carrie Elizabeth Case Study - Black Friday


250% more sales generated than Black Friday 2019

Influencer Marketing


the results

250 %
more sales generated than last Black Friday (2019)
291 %
revenue increase on Black Friday 2019
13 x
return on ad spend across the month

What we did


The Challenge

Having worked on Carrie Elizabeth’s record-breaking campaign for Black Friday in 2019, Hitsearch were challenged to try and beat the figures reached with a new marketing strategy for retail in 2020. Having already identified social media and Google Ads as the most effective channels for getting the digital marketing in ecommerce results required, we were tasked with using fresh creative to generate an even better return on ad spend (ROAS) than the year-round target of 5% and Black Friday 2019’s great result of 9%.


Our Solution

Visual creative can make or break a paid social campaign, so we worked with Carrie Elizabeth to develop a group of creative assets (videos, image carousels and catalogue ads) that really showcased the jewellery collections well.

We wanted to achieve a really efficient way of reaching consumers nearing the decision stage of their buyer journey so retargeted separate audiences of basket abandoners and product viewers with the specific product they had already engaged with on the site. We also ran prospecting activity targeting lookalike audiences and several sets super-granular audiences that we’ve seen success with in the past.

We created Google Ads campaigns that only targeted users who were actively engaged in jewellery shopping, utilising Carrie Elizabeth’s positioning that appeals to both fashion and fine jewellery shoppers, to maximise the number of sales of these quality pieces.


The Results

The month of November 2020, which included five days of ramped-up activity during Black Friday week, absolutely smashed the previously record-breaking campaign run in 2019.

More than 450,000 people saw Carrie Elizabeth’s ads (120% up on 2019)

There were more than 250% more transactions during Nov 2020 than in Nov 2019

Revenue in November 2020 was up by 291% on what came in during the same period in 2019

The ROAS for the month in 2020 was 13.1%, which was up 45% on the previous year.




Carrie Elizabeth is a British jewellery brand based in London and has seen significant business growth since they launched in 2015. Targeting jewellery shoppers that love fine pieces with stunning designs, but at an affordable price point, Carrie Elizabeth ethically source their jewellery and pride themselves on timeless design and craftmanship; affordable luxury.


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