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About The Dental Law Partnership


With us since April 2013, The Dental Law Partnership specialises in dental negligence.Their philosophy is that by focusing on this specific area, they are able to provide the best possible service for their clients, who can rely on both their in-house dental and legal expertise and creative legal thinking in the field.

This remains a great challenge due to the very specific nature of the work they undertake. This is not mass market legal work, more carefully picked individual high value cases. This required a different approach.

The task was clear: to increase the volume of enquiries from clients who had a legitimate claim arising out of dental work.


Digital Marketing gives us a greater level of targeting than any other channel. For Dental Law, we created a strategy that combined SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Digital PR and Social Media.

Results were driven by advanced tracking and campaign insights brought by our own Call Tracking software and the assistance of our in-house Conversion Rate Optimisation Team.


Website traffic increased year on year by 230% alongside a significant increase in high quality enquiries and ongoing fee earning cases.