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The Dental Law Partnership Case Study 2


1623% increase of impressions

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the results

1000 %
increase in organic impressions year on year
400 %
increase of organic traffic
2 X
Double the number of enquiries now coming through to the site

What we did


The Challenge

As a small business, DLP had always prided themselves on offering a specific dental negligence service. Due to the many years that they’d specialised in dental negligence services alone, DLP had ranked comfortably for related search terms, dominating this organic search niche and sitting on Google’s first page. However, when other, bigger and more established firms begun offering dental negligence amongst their repertoire of other legal services, the market became more competitive.

As a result, the dental law specialists started to lose their position zero rankings, simply because these larger companies began to take over with stronger sites and hyper-targeted content. With all KPI’s (rankings, organic traffic and online enquiries) suffering a hit, decisive action was required.


Our Solution

We began with an in-depth competitor and ranking analysis; our expert SEO team took the decision to completely overhaul the website’s content and structure in a bid to give DLP’s website a chance of competing with big market players. After two months of analysis and assessment, it was decided that this overhaul would take the form of content in a ‘mega page’ format which would completely re-vamp the way the information was presented to people when they landed on the site. This strategy came as a result of re-visiting keyword targeting and optimisations, along with reviewing lost rankings and competitor activity.

In addition to this, we wanted to support our new on-page strategy with some off-page activity using our expert digital PR team to outreach engaging content that would bring fresh links into DLP’s website.


The Results

With clever management and analysis of DLP’s retainer budget, we were quickly able to stop DLP’s small, niche business from getting missed amongst bigger competitors when it came to potential customers searching to make a dental negligence claim. Our hard work managed to effectively re-claim DLP’s holding in organic search engine results pages.

434 %

increase in number of clicks

127 %

increase in goal completions


About The Dental Law Partnership


The Dental Law Partnership (DLP) are the leading dental negligence solicitors in the UK and have over 15 years of experience of specialising in dental negligence cases.

Their focus on this specific niche allows them to provide the best possible service for their clients, on a no win, no fee basis.


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