Is your current content working for you? We’ll find out

Auditing the content on your site is where our content service starts. If we don’t know how your current content is performing, how will we know what our next steps will be? This is a crucial first stage; it informs the foundations of our content marketing strategy for your brand.

The process will not only assess your current site content, but it will help us locate any content gaps, identify what your visitors are currently reading and what they’re not reading – all this helps us to improve your organic search performance, this is where the content team works closely with the SEO team (we’re very much about teamwork, here!).

What tools do we use?

Our creative content team use a variety of tools to assess the quality of the content on your site. A few of the main ones used include; Google Analytics, Majestic and Moz. All these tools help us to build a profile of your target audience. From here, we can build specific buyer personas which detail, who your audience is made up of, how they’re browsing and shopping online and, what challenges and goals each persona has.

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