How can Hit Search help your business?

When it comes to your content marketing goals, we can concentrate on things like visit metrics, page lengths and social shares so we can identify how your audience is reacting to each piece of content and then adapt in the future, depending on the results.

The process

First off we’ll have done our homework. A list of audit goals will be drawn up and these could include:

  • Ideas for future content
  • Locate content gaps
  • Identify what content visitors are reading
  • Determine ways to improve organic search performance

Content auditing will usually be carried out by our SEO experts - here’s what they’ll look at:

Content Inventory

We’ll record everything on your site such as product lists, resources and blogs. All this can be broken down into different categories such as articles, photos, videos, audio, e-books and customer comments.

Track your content

We’ll find out how far your content has gone on the internet by tracking it. All the content published on your site can be covered in this way. Tracking content posted on your social networks can also be carried out along with content circulated on other sites. If you’re analysing how effective your content marketing efforts have been we can check the results on any infographics, slide decks or other external content pieces you’ve released to promote brand recognition and viral sharing.


We’ll scrutinise every single piece of content classifying it into ones that should be kept, fixed, improved or deleted. Technical problems like broken links or pages that don’t load properly will be fixed and content can be overhauled in terms of fact-checking and formatting. Duplicate or outdated pages can be deleted.

Your competitors’ content

Once we’ve found out all there is to know about your website, it’s time to look at your competitors. Conducting an audit of your competitors’ content is a similar process but obviously there are limitations: bounce rates and conversions rates may be hard to track. But what we can do is estimate the number of links directed at their content pages and measure their social shares. They’ll be plenty of data that will reveal where your competitors are getting things right and you’re getting them wrong.

Within the first year Sweaty Betty saw an increase in SEO revenue of 42%close-quotes.png


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