It’s not just about adding a bit of colour

Our in-house graphic designers are equipped with a creative mind like no other. Transforming infographic content into a highly visual, highly shareable, eye-catching imagery, (our infographic services are among the most popular when it comes down to the design element.)

Your target market heavily influences the design of all our content pieces. Because, if it doesn’t appeal to your target market, then why are we producing it in the first place? From quizzes and infographics, to blog posts and interactive imagery, all content forms need an element of design work. Whether it’s adding an eye-catching image to the post, to creating images from scratch, it’s important it appeals to your audience, otherwise, chances are, and they won’t interact with the content!


At Hit Search, our design team has both the tools and the expertise to create the high-level interactive content that will help your brand stand out in your industry. Conquering the digital sphere with our content design services is only a drop in the ocean where your marketing efforts are concerned, but having great design can create an overwhelmingly engaged result amongst your audience.

Within the first year Sweaty Betty saw an increase in SEO revenue of 42%close-quotes.png


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