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Split Test Marketing Services | A/B Testing

A/B testing helps us perfect your site for optimum conversions

A/B testing is when we test two or more versions of a solution for your business. These tests can reveal so much to our expert team. There are many different elements of your website that the Hit Search team can A/B test whole web pages and calls to action, all the way down to small detail such as text changes and button colour tweaks.

A/B testing only works with consistent element analysis, choosing and then properly implementing the most effective format – an exercise our conversion rate optimisation team is well-equipped for!

When looking to perform an A/B test, it can be tempting to test multiple page elements at once to see whether your conversion rate increases. However, even though you could see a dramatic increase in conversions, you’ll never know which element change encouraged those conversions! Therefore, it’s imperative our CRO team concentrate on one of your site elements at a time to ensure your business enjoys a steady stream of highly-successful campaign results and a much more impactful site - helping you compete in your industry.

What tools do we use?

Our trusty conversion rate optimisation tool, Visual Web Optimiser (VWO), is a tool equipped with some amazing features and platform functionality, and without it we don’t know where we’d be!

What our clients say


“We are really happy with the results Hit Search have achieved SEO wise (thank you) and we will 100% work together again. We would happily recommend to other brands.”

Beija London Team

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