Using Biometric testing and analysis to transform your website conversion rate

Using biometry (the application of analysis to biological data) in digital marketing to get under the skin of your target market and see what is stopping them from making purchases or completing conversions online, is quickly becoming an area that many companies and organisations, in both b2b and b2c arenas, are finding pivotal to their success.

The technology that enables biometric testing and analysis, for this type of purpose specifically, ranges from sensors for heart rate monitoring to eye tracking, galvanic skin response (sweat levels) and brain activity. Being able to measure a wide range of different biological responses to what the test subject is seeing and doing on a website, enables an incredible amount of data to be collected for analysis. As many of the body’s responses in this type of setting are totally involuntary, they offer an authentic view on how people are reacting to a website and various steps on the user journey, regardless of whether the user is aware of it or not. This scientific data is combined with their more conscious responses, to build a fuller picture of how the site works (or doesn’t work) for them.

By using a comprehensive biometric testing and analysis process on a range of people that closely match a brand or company’s target customers, we can find patterns of behaviour and responses that provide us with insight into how to overcome barriers to conversions and sales.

Expert analysis of biometric data

As with any scientific data, it needs to be expertly analysed for true insight to be gained. Hit Search work with a team of academics at Liverpool University, to ensure that our gathering and analysis of biometric data fits within a best practice framework, helping us to draw the most accurate conclusions and insight possible.

Using the combined data and analysis, we provide clients with a comprehensive report into how people are using their website and what their frustrations are. This includes recommendations for improving the user experience and making adjustments to the user’s path to conversion. From this, a strategy can be built to help transform your conversion rate and, as a result, significantly increase revenue.

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