We’ll gain in-depth insight into your user’s journey

Our experts have an unquenchable thirst for wanting to understand the user journey of any client’s website. We’ll find out where on your site your visitors are most engaged, least engaged etc. All this data can be gathered through the medium of mouse movements, clicks and scrolls from your users.

Once we understand how users are interacting with your site and exactly which elements are struggling to convert, or could be optimised further to deliver a much higher rate of conversion, the quicker we can start mapping out a comprehensive CRO strategy.

If you never find out how your users are interacting with your site, how will you ever improve your conversions long-term?

What tools do we use?

Our conversion rate optimisation team use all kinds of Chrome extensions to get the best out of your website, but there are two main pieces of software we utilise when performing and monitoring heatmap tests; Visual Web Optimiser (VWO) and HotJar.

More reasons to work with us

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