The core areas of development that affect your conversion rate are:

The rise of the savvy shopper

Online customers are becoming increasingly impatient and their expectations are increasing every day. Not only will they look around for the best deal, sometimes for weeks, before making an enquiry or a purchase, they want everything on their terms. If your site is slow or isn’t as user friendly as a competitor, chances are, they won’t be back again.

The proliferation of devices

In addition to site hopping, visitors are likely to be using multiple devices to do their research. In an age of multi-screen browsing, it’s more important than ever to optimise your web presence to provide a consistent user experience. If you’re not effectively engaging customers on smartphones and tablets, you’re going to lose an increasing percentage of your target demographic.



Opinions and influencers

Social media has given consumers a voice and many of these voices can be influential on your audience. Talking to your target demographic, rather than historically talking at them, is key to engaging customers and creating brand advocates. From user reviews to influential blogs, your prospects can be your greatest asset. On the flip side, get it wrong, deliver a bad experience and they can have a tangible negative impact on your bottom line.

For these reasons we recommend a regular test cycle of 6 – 12 months, depending on your sector and site complexity.

With every test, we learn more about your users and what makes them convert. That means we can iterate and scale every test, so you’ll get bigger and better results.

Our data-led, process driven conversion rate optimisation (CRO) review services include:

  • Advanced Goal Tracking
  • Geo-targeting
  • Mobile site testing
  • Data led statistical modelling

Within the first year Sweaty Betty saw an increase in SEO revenue of 42%close-quotes.png


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