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Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO Services

Retail SEO is a crucial marketing tactic for ecommerce brands. This is because when users have intent to buy, they use search engines. Google organic results get more clicks than any other channel, so it’s essential for an online business to take SEO seriously if they want to be listed in search results for the people looking to buy what they offer.

Our Ecommerce SEO Approach

At Hitsearch, we produce a unique strategy for every client that is based on our award winning methodology, which includes:

Market research

Understanding your market and your audience is the only way to ensure your marketing strategy is focusing on the right things. We look at how your potential customers search for products when they want to buy and our keyword research includes:

  1. Product terms
  2. Category terms
  3. Brand terms

Competitor SWOT analysis

Specifically from an SEO point of view, we look at what your competitors are ranking for (and how) and also look into their SEO weaknesses to help identify opportunities for your brand’s strategy which target a specific need or pain point in your audience.

Analytics and sales data

We use data that you already have to help inform the ecommerce SEO strategy going forwards, by taking into account:

  1. Analytics data – peaks and troughs
  2. Past and current rankings
  3. Historic sales performance
  4. Emerging trends
  5. Consumer tastes

Technical strategy

There are often technical issues with websites that interfere with their ecommerce SEO potential. Our approach includes:

  1. Identifying areas to fix
  2. Identifying improvements that will give your ecommerce site a competitive edge
  3. The implementation of a tracking and analysis framework to aid attribution and measure performance accurately

Some website platforms have specific challenges in relation to SEO, but our technical SEO team have extensive experience of this in relation to all of the major platforms, including Shopify SEO, Magento and many more.

Skills and process analysis

Part of our ecommerce SEO services includes our aim to help develop in-house expertise for our clients as well as working alongside as an extension of your business’ marketing function. Working in a way that is so closely aligned helps us to identify what processes you have internally that might need to change and what skills and training are required to develop your team to the required level.

Whether this is in digital marketing for fashion brands, other retail marketing skills or even across sectors, like legal digital marketing, our team have you covered.


Off-site SEO planning

In addition to the SEO work to be done on the website itself, ensuring that off-site SEO activity is also factored into the strategy is vital. We look at:

  1. Your current off-site activity and which parts are working or not
  2. Opportunities that you’re not currently utilising
  3. Putting in place a plan for future activity that will facilitate the steady and natural growth of links

Media planning

Understanding your customer behaviour plays a big part in your search engine marketing strategy. How can organic activity that drives relevant traffic to your site interplay with other channels as it’s unlikely that your site visitors will complete a purchase the first time they land on your site. We plan media activity to follow up organic visits which aim to maximise the chances of a sale and maximum ROI. This could include:

  1. Remarketing and retargeting
  2. Organic activity that aligns with all stages of the buying funnel
  3. Social media
  4. Display campaigns
  5. Email marketing

Ecommerce SEO best practice

We integrate our SEO approach thoroughly with your wider marketing strategy. Any content we recommend or create is added to your regular content plan and follows SEO best practice, along with co-ordinating with your social media and email marketing activity.

Our outreach is designed to coincide and complement your blog creation and outreach, social media outreach and PR activity.

Whether you’re looking for fashion digital marketing support or any other kind of retail digital marketing, our SEO services are designed to flow seamlessly with your other activity to support the overall objectives of your business.

Ecommerce SEO case studies

Proven Experience With These Fashion Brands

Check out our client case studies below.

Examples of business goals we can help you achieve:

Figuring out what you want to achieve from an SEO strategy is key, but not always easy. At Hit Search, we can help you establish achievable, well thought out goals, and convert them into success. Examples of what Hit Search can help you to achieve are:

  1. Increasing traffic from a specific group researching a specific term
  2. Using SEO to boost revenue
  3. Using SEO to boost downloads/sign ups
  4. Using SEO to boost your brand’s sentiment (you may have some bad Google reviews ranking above the good ones. We can switch this around).

What our clients say

Fashion digital marketing

"I have worked with Hit Search for many years across various sites and have always been impressed with their great approach. They are an important extension to our team and have made a huge difference to all areas of our site, not just SEO. I would highly recommend and will continue to work with them going forward."

Head of Ecommerce

Ecommerce SEO Agency

As an established digital marketing agency, we’ve been providing SEO services for 15 years and have many case studies to show how we’ve helped our clients to reach their goals. Our team of experts are on hand to assist you in achieving success and growth for your ecommerce business.

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