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There are numerous ways to optimise your content specifically for mobile, through our mobile content services but it’s always good to start with your word count. Mobile screens, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or otherwise, are much smaller in size in comparison to desktops, meaning consumers have to put in the extra effort to keep scrolling when reading content. Long paragraphs or pages and pages of content may discourage them from reading, meaning your efforts may be wasted; always consider mobile users when uploading content onto your site.

There are countless other factors to take into consideration when it comes to content, such as the user experience, user interface and the format of the content itself. Understanding why, how, when and where your audience is viewing content on a mobile device will help you decipher between what goes on your mobile site or app, and what does not.

A simple yet effective form of content marketing for mobile is by providing a short piece of introductory information, followed by a link back to your full website for the user to read if they so wish. Make sure it is a full link and doesn’t simply take them back to your desktop homepage – trying to navigate this on a mobile device may end in the consumer giving up on reading the content altogether.


However, if you want to keep your user on your mobile site or app, there are multiple solutions to keeping them engaged. For example, transactional information proves far more successful on mobile devices than on desktop. Consumers using their smartphones and tablets to access store opening times, contact information or downloadable content is increasing in comparison to desktop. Downloadable content on mobile doesn’t mean uploading countless whitepapers to your app – this will, if anything, discourage your customers. Podcasts and short videos are particularly popular forms of content that consumers prefer to access on a mobile device.

In addition to the volume of content, it is also essential to take a step back before the production stage and ask, “What do my mobile consumers want to see on my site?” The likelihood is mobile users will visit your site for a specific purpose, as opposed to desktop consumers who are far more likely to browse. The limits and restrictions of the platform the consumer is viewing your content on may help you to decide on the volume and layout of your content; for example, will they be scrolling, swiping or otherwise? Which pages on your site to the majority of mobile users primarily visit? For example, if you are aware that the majority of your mobile audience views your site from an iPhone Safari browser, this is valuable information. Furthermore, if they frequently visit the “Register with us” page, the content on this page should be optimised for mobile users with short, snappy content and a clearly visible call-to-action (CTA).

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