The importance of mobile CRO

Ok, so now we’ve ironed out the basics of mobile CRO, let’s discuss the importance of the process. With the shocking statistic above clearly highlighting the importance of mobile marketing in general, particularly as an ecommerce business, you will be losing traffic if your site isn’t up to scratch with mobile CRO.

Firstly, your site should be mobile-friendly; whether you've got a separate mobile version of your site, or a mobile-responsive design. To check if your site passes this mobile-friendly test, why not use Google’s free tool. This can help determine what your site also looks like on a mobile device, if it looks messy, it’s difficult to read your text, offers and other promotions, this will be the first barrier to transactions your site presents to its customers.

There are many elements you should be taking into account when casting your eye over your mobile website. Is the checkout easy to find, is it easy to buy your products, etc. the list really is endless!

How can Hit Search help?

Well, perhaps most obvious of all, we can take away the stress of having to continually monitor your site for conversions. Mobile CRO is an ongoing process. Constantly tweaking, analysing and then implementing new changes to your site, means it’ll be performing at a consistently high level, ensuring your brand continues to reap the benefits of the increased conversion rate due to user satisfaction.

Our mobile conversion rate optimisation service consists of the following sub-services:
  • Conducting an initial CRO review and ongoing reviews
  • CRO research and analysis
  • CRO planning
  • Implementation and testing

We increased Sweaty Betty's SEO revenue within the first year by 42%close-quotes.png


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