Are links important?

Historically, links have been viewed as a vital component in the world of SEO, however this is beginning to change. The quality of content and use of keywords is now what needs to be taken into consideration when aiming to get to the #1 spot in the SERPs, as well as the fact that search engines are becoming far more sophisticated. Google is now able to interpret data on your website and form its own conclusions about what your business delivers, in order to index it and decide where it should be placed on the results page.

The importance of user experience

There is a lot more taken into consideration than content when it comes to mobile SEO. It's important for us to analyse the structure of the pages on your site and whether they're fit for the mobile user, and also how well the user can cross channel. It's important mobile users are able to seamlessly access your social media channels, with time spent on social media only set to increase, it's important your audience can access your brand cross-platform and channel with minimal steps and effort.

The overall navigation of your site is important as the easier it is for the user to find the information they want, the more Google will reward you for performing user experience best practice.


Factors such as titling your pages correctly, using a header bar to make your site easy to navigate and ensuring there is a sitemap laid out properly in order for search engines to crawl are all vital from a technical SEO point of view.

Our approach to mobile SEO services

SEO is more than repeating the same word fifty times on a page to get to the first page on Google – it requires a combination of technical and creative SEO knowledge. SEO as a whole, is one of our most valued digital marketing services and given that it is constantly changing both on mobile and desktop, it is a consistently and closely monitored service with offer at Hit Search.

How will our mobile SEO services help your business?

  • We’ll help you increase your organic visibility with an initial mobile SEO audit
  • We can engage your mobile target market with your brand
  • We can supply your business with in-depth tracked mobile campaign results
  • You’ll have our mobile SEO service expertise and knowledge at your fingertips!

Within the first year Sweaty Betty saw an increase in SEO revenue of 42%close-quotes.png


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