Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns have become an increasingly important part of digital marketing for retailers and it’s now even easier for you to connect with your audience and promote your products online, all you need is an AdWords account and a Merchant Centre account.

  • The new Retail-Centric model allows for us to create campaigns based around your product inventory enabling us to structure an online shop for your products with the enhanced campaign format.
  • We’re able to establish the products that provide the most positive ROI and work with industry benchmarks to source opportunities to grow your online business.
  • We will ensure your product listings and your feed are fully-optimised and relevant to your business, this way you can be assured you’ll get the best return from your campaigns.

How can Hit Search help?

Hit Search can show your products to the right audience at the right time. This will not only increase your website traffic, but specifically targeted Shopping Campaigns can help dramatically increase your website’s conversion rate, too. Just think, a customer is searching for a product you have in your store through the medium of Google Shopping, your product listing ad is shown and when clicked they are transported directly to your website. Perfect.

So, how else can we help your business? In short, we can relieve you of all stress relating to Google Shopping, creating product ad listings, setting up and managing Shopping Campaigns and even help target your local area with the creation of Local Inventory Ads. Put plainly, we can help elevate your e-commerce website that bit further, increasing your brand’s presence across Google, which is what every online store wants, right?


Our paid media team are passionate about your business objectives, just think of us as an extension of your team. We want to help raise your product profile by putting them directly in front of your target market and Google Shopping can help you achieve this in a straightforward and effective manner.

Within the first year, Sweaty Betty saw a 58% increase via their PPC channelclose-quotes.png


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