Performance Marketing: How does it work?

We have been around for over 10 years as a Digital Marketing Agency and gathered huge quantities of data relating to client campaigns that span pretty much every sector there is. We have operated campaigns across SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Affiliates, Email, Programmatic Display, Digital TV, Shopping feeds and many more.

Armed with this data we have the ability to accurately operate a whole host of Digital Marketing campaigns right down to a specific CPA target. More than that, in most cases, we only charge based on a CPA too!

Interested to know more?

The process starts by speaking to a member of our experienced performance marketing team and they will guide you through the process highlighted below:-

  1. Install the relevant website code and gather data - This involves installing any code pertinent to the channel of activity we are using to drive conversions. For example Google conversion code for any AdWords activity we agree.
  2. Initial research call - This involves a quick 15 min chat with one of our experts where we assess the potential to either work to a full CPA model OR a part fee part CPA model. This is all based on the volume of conversions that are generated through your website on a monthly basis. the higher that number, the easier it would be to work to a full CPA campaign, the lower the number the more difficult it may be
  3. Share relevant analytics / data - Once we have identified the correct path, we then need to understand how you currently record transactions, leads, enquiries or any other CTA your business works to. Do you use Google Analytics, an in-house platform or other? We'll need to gain access to this to verify the numbers we would be generating on an ongoing basis.
  4. Agree on CPA and start delivering leads, sales or enquiries! - Once all parties are happy, before we start the campaign we need to set / agree on a CPA that we will bill against. This figure needs to be a compromise that works for you the client and also us. But once agreed, we can get started immediately!

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