Let’s go back to the questions we raised before:

What do you build links to? Highly-relevant and informative content for the user. The main takeaway from this answer is to write for the user and NOT the search engine. Of course, you will be aware of what keywords are relevant for your page, but you need to use them naturally throughout content and ensure they’re used as the anchor text for your link. Keyword stuffing is not looked upon favourable by Google (or any search engine for that matter).


What value does a link hold? Link Building isn’t the be-all and end-all of SEO. But it is an importance and necessary factor in building your authority within the search engines. Links can be split into ‘dofollow’ and ‘nofollow’. A ‘dofollow’ link passes link equity from the external site linking to your business site and a ‘nofollow’? You guessed it, it’s pretty much the opposite. A ‘nofollow’ link tells Google, for example, not to follow that particular link. It is against Google Webmaster Guidelines to pay for content to be placed containing a ‘dofollow’ link. Obtaining a ‘nofollow’ link isn’t all-bad. It’s still a link to your website and of course, it can still help you increase your all-important brand awareness!

How do you go about building links? This is where our content outreach process takes over. Check our content outreach section.

When comparing 2012 in total, to 2013 in total, organic traffic increased by 208%close-quotes.png


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