Knowing exactly how your site performs is our specialty

For your SEO campaigns to deliver tangible results, you have to understand how your site performs, this is crucial to a successful SEO campaign.

There is much more to analysing the performance of your website than checking how many visitors your site has increased or decreased by. You need to know how your site actually performs; how are the users using your site? What is your site load speed? We are masters of testing and tweaking and, we love a good challenge - we will find out what’s holding your site back from achieving the best performance possible!

Site performance is an ongoing element of any SEO strategy, amending and consistently testing site performance is what will help your business achieve a dominant competitive lead in your industry.

What tools do we use?

Google Analytics is the standard analytics platform the majority of websites use. It’s free, easy to understand and offers a very customisable and comprehensive analytical insight to any website.

Here at Hit Search, Google Analytics is just the start. We use an impressive array of SEO platforms and tools, including, Google Search Console, Advanced Web Ranker, Moz and Uptown Robot. These tools, coupled with our SEO expert knowledge, we can show you exactly how your site is performing, and suggesting new and innovative techniques to implement to ensure your website reaches its optimum site performance.

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