How do we analyse your Site Performance?

There are many, many questions we can highlight here within this Site Performance page, but we won’t bore you with the endless list. Because, it really is endless. Google Analytics is the standard analytics platform the majority of websites employ. And here at Hit Search, Google Analytics is just the start, we use an impressive array of SEO platforms and tools, (including trusty webmaster tools), and coupled with our SEO expert knowledge, we can show you exactly how your site is performing, suggest new and innovative techniques to implement to ensure your website reaches its optimum Site Performance.


Site Performance, is and will continue to be an ongoing part of any SEO campaign. Learning from mistakes and competitor actions and researching new site performance tools and trends, is what helps us make sure each and every one of our SEO clients receives the best possible performance analysis and search traffic month after month.



Within the first year, Sweaty Betty saw an increase in SEO revenue of 42%close-quotes.png


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