Optimising your website is key

Our SEO team are technical thinkers, so it’ll come as no surprise that our technical optimisation service is second nature to them!  We’re here to help your website perform as best as it possibly can and we can’t fulfil this until we’ve completed what’s called a ‘technical plan’.

We’ll audit your website and document our findings, detailing all the issues – big or small – that could be preventing your site from competing within its industry. The plan helps make our starting point so much clearer – highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your website. After the plan, we can start acting out our recommendations, monitoring, tweaking and optimising continuously from there. We’ll have your site ranking in no time at all!

What tools do we use?

We utilise a variety of tools to help us achieve a thorough technical optimisation. Our main tool is Google Search Console, this is the data that Google gives us which will flag up many issues on a site. We also use Screaming Frog, this is a crawling tool to extract data, which helps us analyse and diagnose issues with your site. We also currently use Moz, which helps us flag up errors and issues on your site, as well. These tools help us deliver a truly exceptional technical optimisation for your business.

More reasons to work with us

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