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Instagram Management & Advertising Agency Services


Instagram is one of the newer social media platforms, perfectly utilised by fashion brands and retailers alike, sharing their newest collections and pictures that capture their brand’s personality. Created in 2010, the mobile-based app, has, in 5 short years, accumulated a staggering active user base of over 300 million. The photo app is popular with all kinds of industries with food, healthy living, exercise and fitness and fashion ticking the top boxes.

So, how can your brand utilise this image-led social media platform?

Well, initially difficult to monetise, the social platform has now integrated a Like2Buy link, that e-commerce shops can take full advantage of, linking customers direct to products shared within their image posts. Aside from implementing a simple link, building a relevant following and increasing interaction across the network without over-loading the use of hashtags can be difficult.

Integrating your Instagram account into your website can be a great way to highlight to your website visitors that you’re active on Instagram, encouraging them to interact cross-channel with your brand. Implementing an Instagram feed can be a great way to bring your website to life, with photos updating as you upload them to your account, gives the impression of ever-changing aspects to your website, which can be very appealing for your customers.

How can Hit Search lend a hand?

We love Instagram, probably just as much as its 300 million users! Our social media marketing team is passionate about exploring the newest social platforms to see whether they’re a good fit for you as a client. Our design team is fantastic, creating high-quality, shareable imagery, which is perfect for the Instagram platform, particularly in the retail space.

We can offer a variety of Instagram-led services, including:

  1. Instagram account setup
  2. Researching and implementing any relevant new updates for the Instagram business platform and utilising Instagram tools
  3. Implementing the Like2Buy link for your e-commerce store
  4. Analytics reporting on a monthly/quarterly basis
  5. Page monitoring and Instagram management, including posting and Instagram stories
  6. Page interaction to help boost your brand visibility and build your following with a relevant audience
  7. Instagram strategy and social content calendar planning and creation

What our clients say


"It is a real pleasure to work with Hit Search. They are extremely proactive and professional, providing updates, insights, and analysis on a regular basis. They have dramatically improved our SEO rankings, Ad strategies, and conversion rates within a short timeframe. They are running our SEO & PPC activity, a part of our Content Marketing and CRO optimisation. Thank you on behalf of the Daisy team for providing excellent service at all times.”

Daisy Jewellery Team

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