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Hatfields Case Study

Hatfields car dealership was founded in 1922
45% increase in traffic month on month
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the results

Increased Traffic Icon
45 %
increase in overall traffic
Increase enquiries icon
107 %
increase in new and used car enquiries

About Hatfields

Hatfields is a car dealership group with over 300 members of staff, across 10 different retail outlets.

Founded in 1922 in Sheffield, Hatfields is one of the largest independent car dealership groups in the UK for Jaguar, Hyundai, Volvo and Land Rover.

The Challenge

Our primary objective was to increase general brand awareness, in order to sell more new and used cares.

Our secondary objective was to increase the amount of test drives booked and increase footfall to the Hatfields ‘value my car’ feature.

Our Solution

The Hit Search team devised and implemented a tactical PPC approach, running the campaigns only to target offers. This offer-led approach to the PPC campaigns ensured money wasn’t unnecessarily wasted, there was always an underlying promotional objective.

Our SEO team created an ongoing SEO campaign. This was a wider-reaching campaign, reaping the benefits of organic traffic with specifically targeted keywords.

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