Our team of marketing experts call upon many years of experience in creating unique digital marketing strategies for those in the Insurance sector, providing insightful perspectives on the marketing landscape.

Our multi-channel approach to marketing means that our operations team, comprising of technical and creative staff, have a track record in relation to effective strategies for the Insurance sector. The resources in this section have been developed to provide useful insight, templates, guides and video content to those working within this industry; with the aim of helping your insurance business to grow and flourish online.

Whitepapers, eBooks & Guides

Our team has gathered this knowledge and presented it in a variety of ways including infographics right through to eBooks and market surveys. Please see below a selection of our most popular ones…


Top CRO data sources & actionable insights for Insurance Firms

Find out how CRO can be a game-changer for insurance firms

Find out how to make the most of using bloggers and influencers as part of your wider marketing strategy

Including how you can measure ROI and how to choose the right people to work with.

Digital PR vs Traditional PR

In this infographic we look at the differences between Digital and Traditional PR.


We share 30 of the greatest tips, tricks & ideas to help increase your website conversions

From landing page tips and calls-to-action tips to leveraging newsjacking - we've packed in some of the best ideas for your brand to trial to increase those sales leads!

[Templates] Measure your firm's conversion rates effectively

Which channels have your new clients come from? How many visitors are you converting into leads? These templates will help you measure your campaign's successful channels and help you pinpoint the not-so-successful, too!

Google Algorithum Updates: A Visual Guide To 9 Years of Changes!

In this interactive graphic, view Google’s major algorithm updates of the last decade and see what’s likely to change next.


At Hit Search, we’re experts in producing clear, attention-grabbing infographics for the insurance sector, providing ideal promotional material for blogger outreach and social media.

Help your firm rank better: 5 tips from our SEO experts

Our SEO experts give you 5 tips to help make sure your firm is ranking the best it possibly can be!

How can marketing automation help your firm grow?

In this infographic, we introduce you to 3 email marketing automation nurturing workflows your firm can implement right now in order to increase lead generation.