Kymco Infographic

We wanted to create a highly visual and easily shareable piece that would showcase the differences between scooters and mopeds and highlight the great range of Kymco motorcycles at the same time. This was then used on the official blog and shared socially. To download a free copy, simply fill out the form below.


What we cover

In this infographic we cover the differences between scooters and moped, in which there are surprisingly many, and also highlight how each model differs from one another whilst promoting the brand in a non-intrusive and gentle manner.

Who is it for?

This was aimed at scooter and moped enthusiasts as well as 1st time buyers curious about which option might be right for them based on their individual needs. This was also directed at parents who might be interested in buying their child their first scooter, offering insight into speed limits and fuel consumption.

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