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Murdock London Case Study


Revenue Increased by 250%

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the results

391 %
increase in transactions YOY
250 %
increase in revenue
60 %
of transactions were from new customers

What we did


The Challenge

With lockdown in the UK having a huge impact on a whole range of different businesses, thinking outside of the box when it comes to digital marketing has been a must over the last few months. For Murdock London, we knew that not being able to keep barber shops open during lockdown meant that a much bigger focus on growing their global ecommerce activity was needed. Hitsearch have always managed Murdock’s organic performance, but we knew there was scope here to see performance improve, even during what was essentially a really tough time for businesses like this. We adopted a multi-channel approach to aim for a continued improvement in Murdock’s overall performance.


Our Solution

We decided on a multi-channel approach that incorporated paid social as well as organic social and was fully owned by Hitsearch. In order to target really specific audience groups, we also created several individual landing pages to sit on the Murdock London website – this meant that we had a lot more control over the specific products that were being pushed to certain audience segments. Hitsearch were granted creative control over both web and social assets throughout this campaign and being able to take the lead on a strategy in this way meant that we could bring all of our expert knowledge to the fore.


The Results

  • Transactions up 391% YOY
  • Revenue up 250% YOY
  • 60% of transactions were new customers 
  • Lowest non-brand CPA in history of Murdock London’s paid social ads 

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Murdock London are specialists in the art of barbering and have had a number of barbershops situated on iconic London streets, for a decade now.

Their barbers know everything there is to know about barbering and specialist grooming, offering a contemporary take on the traditional barbershop experience. They also sell their own range of Murdock London grooming products, both instore and online.


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